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DrEaMs ArE wIsHeS yOuR hEaRt MaKeS [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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(no subject) [Aug. 26th, 2004|09:11 pm]


Well, I am changing my screen name. Something that won't wear out.

I don't like this name. It's not ...me.

I'll tell you what it's going to be...

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(no subject) [Aug. 25th, 2004|08:42 pm]
[eMo |exhaustedAhhh the volleyball drained me]
[TuNeS |This is not an exit-Saves The Day]

Sorry I haven't written in a while = \.  You know, with school and everything, it's kind of hard.

Quick update:

  • I'm trying out for Volleyball. My legs are in a living hell right now.
  • I met a girl, Jessica, and she lives on my block. WOOT WOOT! Hehe. I think new friends are the greatest.
  • Erica and I are on good terms right now. Not necessarily "friend" terms. But if it's a class with just me and her...sure we'll talk. But hey, that's me. I talk to everyone.
  • Jessica's brother is HOT. Lol.
  • I don't really like Volleyball...Don't really care if I'm on the team or not...

That's about it. Nothing really big happening. I really


Libbie makes the team. It's so important to her. I'm praying for her that she will. Oh, another new friend is Makala. She seems a little ditzy, but I don't hang oround her that much...

Well. I'm gonna go get some shit online for school.

Tata, lOvEs!

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Staying home. [Aug. 20th, 2004|12:19 pm]
[eMo |blahblah]
[TuNeS |Want Ad-MxPx]

Weeeeelll. Today I chose to stay home and my parents don't even know I'm home. I kind of want to keep it that way so I can spend the night at Joe's tonight and we can see NAPOLEON DYNOMITE!!! I already saw it with Libbie, but Joe and I originally wanted to see it. One of those stupid-humor movies. They're the best lol. I need to ask Jourdan if Scott can come because I want him too =\. He will bring a friend so she'll probably let him. Scott hates her though because she wanted to get paid to go out with him. I find that funny. But yes. I want to go see Exorcist-The Beginning. The first Exorcist really scared me but I have fun getting scared. No idea why.

Hey, can someone tell me how to post in "communites" because I don't know how.

Blonde =D.

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You think you know me? Word on the street is that you do... [Aug. 19th, 2004|07:14 pm]
[eMo |disappointedI disappointed me mother... :(]
[TuNeS |Nobody's Listening-Linkin Park]

Yep well today was the first day of school.


Because of who? Erica. BITCH Erica.  Rrrrrrrr. She makes me mad. It's like, ok, on the first day of school, could you TRY not to get me in trouble!? I guess not. But yes. Jourdan likes her.

I know I promised to not do this, but... I actually like Amanda. As a friend. I mean sorry Libbie you can slap me :(. But I'm not gonna hang out with her.

The day was boring, but it was pretty good.

I'm gonna spend the night at Joe's after we go to the Volleyball meeting....I hope.


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Hey you...yes, you. I thought you were my friend. [Aug. 18th, 2004|03:31 pm]
[eMo |energeticenergetic]

Well yes yesterday Libbie and I went to go get our schedules and met our teachers. They look pretty nice. My schedule is:

1 period...Meyers
2 period...Spisak
3 period...Meyers
4 period...LUNCH hehe.
5 period...Hart
6 period...Smith
7 period...PE

Great news! NO CLASSES WITH AMANDA!! YEEEEEEES. How I got so lucky? I do not know. Eh. I'll probably get like all of my classes with Erica though. Dammit. She's a MANIPULATOR. When I hung out with her, she was just like any other friend...like Alexis, or Libbie, or Chelsea. It's just add drugs and a lot of lying. She wasn't necessarily mean but yeah.

Libbie spent the night and it was fuuun. We put syrup on Tyler and it was hilarious. He was sleepin like a log and from what I heard he said that when he woke up his foot was stuck to his blanket and it hurt "really badly" lol. Libbie and I make fun of him so much. With calling him fat boyyyy and stuff. All of us had a pillow fight and he kept smackin me with his pillow. Yep so I got dizzy and I had to go to sleep kind of early.

Today we woke up and went swimming and listened to music and I bet the cranky old people next door got mad. Then we watched "Children of The Corn". That movie was supposed to be scary. IT SURE AS HELL WASN'T! So anyways nothing else really happened today. Me and my dad are going to see Open Water.


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Heh. [Aug. 17th, 2004|07:04 am]
[eMo |lonelyalooooone.]
[TuNeS |Which side are you on?-Dropkick Murphys]

Yeah yesterday I woke up and watched Sleepy Hollow 2 times lol. I got bored and my brother was on for like 6 houuurs. When we're only supposed to be on for one at a time. Mother fucker. Well yeah  then my mother came home and we went to Sweet Tomatoes. I saw Kaitlyn and we saw eachother and we hugged lol. Well I saw Alaina there. God, she talks so much you can't even fit a word in. Somehow those kind of people bug me... But yes. Then after that we went to Costco. I got Pj Pants  (which just might be my favorite clothing EVER) and Tank tops and pillows. Because I left my long-lost pillow in Puerto Rico. Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyy must I leave everything somewhere else!?!?!?!?!? Erg. We had a big thunderstorm yesterday and I was so happy. Yet we never get the rain. Dammit.

Eh. I just woke up at like 6:30. Which is kinda good I guess because I need to get ready to wake up for school. Yeah but today Libbie and I are going to meet the teacher night and 'twill be fun. Then she's spending the night. I hope I don't get any shitty teachers like last year. And if me and Libbie aren't in any of the same classes, we know it will be Miss Giroux's fault. Seriously, that bitch hated us. So if we're not we're going to complain to her. For the money that I owe her? Pshhh. Like I'm actually gonna pay her back!

LoVe YoU

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Cha cha cha [Aug. 16th, 2004|08:43 am]
[eMo |happyhappy]
[TuNeS |What it is to burn-Finch]

Yeah yesterday I got to see Scott.

Alexis-He's better looking than Nick lol. GO FOR IT!

He came over to my house at like...11 and I was out there with my dog. Just in case any of the mexicans wanted to rape me lol. He thought I was HOTT! WOOOOOOOOOOOT. I went to bed feeling happy =D. If he thinks I'm hott, he'll think Alexis is SEXY. Lol. Unless he figures out her age =\. That won't happen probably though.

Eek! Today my alarm clock didn't go off AGAIN. Sorry Libbie for not going running! I really wanted to run and do what we were going to do. MY DAMN ALARM CLOCK!!!!!!! Erg.

Well, bye.

Oh yes.


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(no subject) [Aug. 15th, 2004|07:34 am]
[eMo |artisticartistic]
[TuNeS |One Day-The Verve]

Just woke up...No bad dreams today.


In about an hour and a half I'm going to church. Then to the mall with mims. We are going to the movies to see Princess Diaries 2. Woot Woot! I have a feeling today is going to be fun.

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Eh. [Aug. 14th, 2004|10:40 pm]
[eMo |tiredtired]
[TuNeS |none =(]

Eh. I like Scott. A lot. Can't help it. I have to say, his personality is really attractive to me and even if he doesn't look good...well...he'll always have his personality to help him out. Most likely I'm going to be attracted to him when I see him. Erggggggg. I find it so weird that I like my boy friend's best friend. EeEeEeEeEee I don't even like the way that shit sounds. It's crazy really. Today I was supposed to meet him at Blockbuster. I was worried about how I look (hey, it happens when you like someone) and I got late. Because I did something to our power outlets and they got screwed up. Then I went to Blockbuster and he wasn't there. I probably would have left to...but, nah, I wouldn't have. So yes. Then I went to TeenZ and got some stuff there. When I was walking home I was waiting for the sign to say "walk" and there was this sick motherfucker in the car and he says "Ohhh yeah baby u wanna i know you wanna!!!" and erg. Sick people like that bug me. I got the movies Sleeepy Hollow and Starsky and Hutch.


Yeah so yesterday Alexis spent the night. Scotty was supposed to come with us to see Napoleon Dynomite but he never got on because his computer was fucked. Well so we went to the movies. We got up to the box office and it was SOLD OUT. It was raining outside, and we never had rain. So we just sat out there while selfcontious people swarmed inside restaurants. Heh. Yah so we were sitting there being our dorky selves and these guys were checkin us out. It was sooooo obvious. They would look at us and whisper. They were HOTT though. Seriously. So they sat on this cube and I told Alexis I would pay her twenty dollars if she went over there and sat by them. She was walkin over there backwards and they looked at her like she was some kind of physco. The hott one said hi. Well yeah then she sat back down. NO TWENTY DOLLARS FOR HER!!! Then I saw my mom. I wish we hadn't got up because that's right when we were gettin somewhere. Alexis was like "your hott!" and they started following us to my moms car. When we were driving away the guy gave us a questioned hand motion and we were so pissed. We should've gotten a number or SOMETHING. The rest of the night we ate McDonald's and talked about Juan the Crayon Maker. Fun.

Right now I'm like...here...being bored....I feel kinda bad because it's my brother's birthday and I'm sitting here on the computer. Oh well. He's a big bad nineteen year old lol. He can handle it.


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Movies yaaaaah. [Aug. 13th, 2004|05:53 pm]
[eMo |bouncybouncy]
[TuNeS |Genocide-The Offspring]

Hehe. Well today was normal, but somehow interesting. I didn't really do anything. I only cleaned up the kitchen. After I update this fucker I will...so I can have Alexis spend the night...Well yeah she can =). What we're gonna do is we're gonna meet Scott at the movie theaters and he's going to pay for Alexis. Awwww, how cute. I don't know what Scott looks like, but since I talk to him a lot him and Alexis make a good couple. I really wish Chris was here...2 Words: DOUBLE DATE! Well yeah that would be fun. It's cool because me and Chris will be going out and so will Scott and Alexis. Wooooooot. Whoa motherfuckers. I'm the best haha. But yes. That's gonna be fun. Scotty is pretty cool man. I don't like him anymore =\.  Today I got 66 DOLLARS! Heh. That's a lot of money to me.

Yeah, I'm a loser.

Anyways, this was a long time ago, but I need to put this in here. Chris was drunk and I was fucking around with him and pretended to break up with me.

LoveBug6633: chris we need to talk
ChrisWillLive: ok
ChrisWillLive: were talken
LoveBug6633: k
LoveBug6633: well
ChrisWillLive: well
LoveBug6633: i just dont think its gonna work
ChrisWillLive: i kno
LoveBug6633: with this long distance relationship shit
ChrisWillLive: its fuucked up
LoveBug6633: yah
ChrisWillLive: soo0o0o u jus wanna d friends?
ChrisWillLive: untill i move bak then well c what happens?
LoveBug6633: i was just kidding...
LoveBug6633: but thats ok
LoveBug6633: if u really wanna break up
LoveBug6633: thats fine
ChrisWillLive: well its up 2 u
LoveBug6633: nah man u already said u didnt want to
ChrisWillLive: ehh?
LoveBug6633: shit u already said u didnt care about me
LoveBug6633: if we didnt go out
ChrisWillLive: whaa
LoveBug6633: u already said.
ChrisWillLive: fuck shannon ill alwayes love u but i wont b in love with u
LoveBug6633: u dont fuckin love me u dont even care about me
ChrisWillLive: what the fuck are u talken about
LoveBug6633: motherfucker i was just kiddin
LoveBug6633: u dont even care if we break up
LoveBug6633: u dont even fuckin care
ChrisWillLive: fuck yes i do but this long dist relation ship is taren us apart
LoveBug6633: we dont have to fuckin break break up
LoveBug6633: thats another fuckin lie
LoveBug6633: you said ud never break up with me lol
ChrisWillLive: and i didnt
ChrisWillLive: ChrisWillLive: its fuucked up
LoveBug6633: yah
ChrisWillLive: soo0o0o u jus wanna d friends?
ChrisWillLive: untill i move bak then well c what happens?
LoveBug6633: u said it before
LoveBug6633: not online
ChrisWillLive: wen
LoveBug6633: shit ur fuckin drunk
LoveBug6633: shits fuckin u up
LoveBug6633: snap out of it
ChrisWillLive: wen u said we needed 2 talk i ben sober
LoveBug6633: right
ChrisWillLive: fuck shannon y wont u bleve me
LoveBug6633: i cant it was about 5 minutes ago u said u were drunk what are you smokin
ChrisWillLive: fuck shannon
LoveBug6633: scott even says ur drunk
LoveBug6633: ur fuckin up your life
LoveBug6633: ur fucking mine up 2
ChrisWillLive: how
ChrisWillLive: snap out of what
LoveBug6633: being drunk
LoveBug6633: your fucked right now
LoveBug6633: i wanna talk to YOU not the beer
ChrisWillLive: alright hold on
LoveBug6633: fine
ChrisWillLive: im ganna take a bath and that sobers me up so ill b bak in 10 mins
LoveBug6633: alright
LoveBug6633: how bout u take a nap
ChrisWillLive: if i take a nap im ganna have nightmares
LoveBug6633: well at least sleep ok?
LoveBug6633: then you talk to me.
ChrisWillLive: dam ill try buy im ganna have a dream about u
LoveBug6633: :-\a bad dream?
ChrisWillLive: no im ganna have a good dream and im ganna wake up and remember then convo and im ganna cry
LoveBug6633: awwww :-(
LoveBug6633: just sleep oK?
ChrisWillLive: ill try
LoveBug6633: ok
ChrisWillLive: ok well i ges ill talk 2 yea later
LoveBug6633: alright
LoveBug6633: i love u
ChrisWillLive: i love u 2
LoveBug6633: bye
ChrisWillLive: bi bi
ChrisWillLive signed off at 1:04:34 PM.

He felt really bad after. I was really pissed. I was being emo and I started crying lol. Well Alexis is going to be here.

Tata My Loves <333

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